Dental Lasers Give You the Chairside Experience You Desire While Your Treatments Are Easy, Less Invasive and Successful as Ever!

Here’s a word you might never have heard before – Stomatology. It’s a medical discipline involving the study of the mouth and its disorders. Stomatology is actually an evolution of the words “Dentistry” or “Odontology” and is called oral medicine in some countries. Stomatology is usually centered around nonsurgical management of oral-systemic diseases, oral mucosal lesions, and other conditions in the mouth that aren’t associated with the teeth. 

Dentists like Dr. James Powell focus on managing oral conditions like tooth decay and gum disease, and lasers help him do that efficiently and effectively! These advanced tools give off high-powered light beams that sterilize the treated areas, dramatically cutting down on your risk of getting an infection after your treatment. Dental lasers are used in the best dental offices today, including Exceptional Dentistry in Palmdale, CA. Dr. Powell uses this dental tool to have more control of the treatment process and to help you feel more comfortable and relaxed during your time in the dental chair.

Lasers Aren’t Just for Sci-Fi Movies

Dental lasers are a modern marvel that just keeps getting better since their early usage in 1990, which is why we like to use them when treating our patients for various dental conditions. Dr. Powell uses lasers to treat cavities, bone and gum disease by detecting and treating only the damaged areas so that the healthy teeth, bone, and tissue are left undisturbed. Lasers pretty much fit the bill perfectly and are unmatched when it comes to treating problems with such exactness and speed while virtually pain-free. 

When working on your smile, the dental laser is a small, unimposing instrument giving off a narrow but powerful beam of laser light energy. Dr. Powell and our team use these modern marvels to help treat issues with your teeth, bone material, even gum tissue.

Dr. Powell Uses Dental Lasers For These Treatments

  • Removing a cavity
  • Treating gum disease
  • Getting rid of canker sores
  • Taking out excess oral tissue
  • Whitening stained teeth
  • Needing a biopsy analyzed

There are essentially two main kinds of dental lasers that Dr. Powell uses – soft tissue and hard tissue lasers. When treating the soft oral tissues for periodontal disease, a soft tissue laser destroys the harmful oral bacteria in the gums while leaving the healthy tissue alone. This allows healthy tissue to regrow faster so that healing can take place sooner. When using hard tissue lasers, Dr. Powell can emit a wavelength from the laser that is absorbed by your bone material and teeth. This is awesome for treating cavities and shaping the teeth before a dental bonding treatment or when taking out damaged areas of bone material. 

Here’s what you can expect when you come in for one of these dental treatments using dental lasers:

Tooth decay removal: The laser can easily remove the tooth decay from a tooth while preparing the tooth for the necessary filling,  without needing to get any shots!

Gum treatments: If you are suffering from gum disease, your gums are likely pulling away (receding) from your teeth. Lasers come to the rescue by reshaping your gums to give you the attractive and natural-looking smile you want. Lasers also help kill the bad bacteria hiding in the pockets of your gums.

Root canal therapy: If you’re having a root canal treatment, the laser in the hands of Dr. Powell will easily remove harmful bacteria from the area to keep it clean and safe without discomfort.

Biopsy: A laser may be used to remove a small amount of tissue from your mouth so Dr. Powell can have it checked for oral cancer.

Lesion removal: Lesions, mucocele, and canker sores can often be painful, bothersome, and inconvenient, but lasers can take out the lesion or mucocele while relieving any pain from canker sores.

Teeth whitening: Dental lasers can brilliantly whiten your teeth by activating the whitening gel while also controlling tooth sensitivity. That’s because each tooth being whitened is worked on individually.

How You Can Benefit From Dental Lasers

One of the greatest benefits of using dental lasers in dentistry is that they’re safe to use while cutting down on any potential pain or bleeding during your dental treatment such as dental implants. This means you won’t need anesthesia or shots to have the necessary work done, and still be virtually pain-free! Dental lasers also help lessen your anxiety because it takes the customary dental drill out of the picture! Not having to listen to the sound of a drill tends to be music to our patient’s ears. Lasers also minimize the normal swelling and bleeding when soft tissue treatments are being done. Another great benefit is that a dental laser actually preserves more of a healthy tooth’s structure when Dr. Powell is removing a cavity for you, and a stronger tooth is a healthier tooth!

Don’t Put off Needed Dental Work!

If you have some necessary dental work that you have been putting off, we encourage you to turn to Dr. Powell and our skilled team for the help you need. We are happy to use dental lasers to make your time in the chair more comfortable, relaxing and even enjoyable! Our goal is to give our patients the care they need in a spa-like atmosphere. Celebrate this new year sporting your best smile thanks to our exceptional dentistry approach. Call 661.349.7725 today to schedule your next dental appointment or schedule your dental reservation online. We are excited to be here for all of your dental needs in 2021!

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