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At Exceptional Dentistry, we strive to make an impact not only in the lives of our patients but also in our community.

 Every year, we aim to offer $40,000 in free dental services to various individuals in need. We participate in local events and charities. Exceptional Dentistry is also an environmentally conscientious office. We recycle, use electricity-efficient technology, practice paperless patient charting and try to conserve as much as we can. Our hope is to encourage our patients and others to get involved with our causes. When we all work together, we can make a difference in the world.

We’d love for you to participate with us. Follow us on social media for charity updates, or check out any of the charities below.

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Organizations & Causes We Support

What’s next? You tell us.

If you participate in a charity organization or event, then we invite you to contact us. If we feel that it is a cause we’d also like to get behind, then we will offer our support. 

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