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NuCalm™️ System

NuCalm™️ System in Palmdale CA

Going to the dentist has never been more relaxing than when you visit Exceptional Dentistry! We understand that many people get the jitters when it comes to their dental care, and we want to help you feel relaxed and safe during your visit. Whether you have dental fear and anxiety or you are just looking for a more comfortable dental experience, Dr. James Powell is pleased to be one of the few dentists who use NuCalm®. With NuCalm’s four-step relaxation process, you can feel more like you are in the spa than in a dental office. We welcome you to contact us at (661) 349-7725 and learn more about how we can use NuCalm in Palmdale, California, during your next visit.


What Is NuCalm™️?

NuCalm is a revolutionary relaxation process that uses safe neuroscience technology to help you relax in a natural way. There are no narcotics or other drugs used in this process, just nature and science.

In just four simple, pain-free steps, your mind and body will enter what is called parasympathetic nervous system dominance, which is a natural state of being that promotes healing and recovery.

The four steps are as follows:

  1. Calm your mind and neutralize your adrenaline with natural, chewable dietary supplements, or the NuCalm topical cream. Both the supplements and the cream work to quickly create a natural relaxed sensation in your mind and throughout your body. By reducing adrenaline and increasing relaxation, you can avoid the anxiousness or nervousness that often accompanies dental treatment.
  2. Attach small, microcurrent stimulation patches behind each ear. Our dentist can help set these patches to a safe and effective wavelength, sending a microcurrent that helps expedite natural relaxation.
  3. Put on NuCalm’s noise-dampening headphones. These headphones effectively block sound and help lower your brainwaves anywhere from 12 Hz to 4 Hz. This particular frequency is what naturally occurs in pre-sleep stages. With NuCalm’s noise-dampening headphones, you can focus on relaxing without the interruption of loud or intimidating sounds from dental tools that are used during your treatment.
  4. Wear NuCalm’s light-blocking eye mask and stimulate the full relaxation state of mind. Covering your eyes also blocks any sights in the dental office that could cause you to experience negative or nervous feelings.
By combining the four steps above, NuCalm can create a powerfully relaxing environment. Patients who are anxious or stressed about their dental care can finally find peace during their visit. We welcome you to call or visit our practice for more information, and to have your own NuCalm experience!


Who can use NuCalm?

NuCalm is very safe, and there are no contraindications for NuCalm. So it’s safe for any age & person.

For people with claustrophobia, you may not feel comfortable wearing the light-blocking eye mask. But it’s ok to keep your eyes uncovered if you’d prefer.


Will I need a driver?

Nope. There’s nothing that would inhibit you from being able to continue your day as you normally would. You’ll just feel more refreshed!

How often can I use NuCalm?

Technically you could use it every day, so it’s safe to use at every dental visit.

Are there any side effects?

According to NuCalm™️

“With over a million NuCalm surgical uses worldwide, there has not been a single reported adverse event – no one has reported a serious negative event related to a NuCalm session.

Most people experience positive side effects, such as increased energy, improved sleep quality and an overall reduction in stress.”

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