With the Help of NuCalm®, You’ll No Longer Want to Avoid Seeing The Dentist

Dental anxiety is more common than you might think, and if you are one of those folks who put off seeing the dentist because even thinking about it makes your hands clammy, you’re not alone.

Whether it’s the idea of sitting in a chair with the hygienist or dentist hovering over your mouth (especially in this time of social distancing), the smells, sounds or the vulnerability, we get it!

Our Spa-like Comfort Experience

So here’s the thing, Dr. James Powell and our team really, really want you to have a good experience at your dental visits. We work hard to make your time in our office a pleasurable experience. From the moment you walk into an aromatherapy patient lounge all the way to your seat, we want you to feel  relaxed, calm, and comfortable.

In fact, we pride ourselves on creating a Spa-like experience for you with a comfort menu for a truly VIP experience! You can choose decadent items such as moisturizing-paraffin hand treatments, heated blankets, and aromatherapy. 

We want you to feel your best during your treatments, which is why we have the latest technology in our office — not just because this also helps make our job easier, but because we know how important your oral health is to your general health. Seeing the hygienist to keep your gums healthy, and treating tooth decay helps ensure better overall health! So when you know that you’re truly going to have a pain-free experience you can overcome some of your dental anxiety and schedule your visit.

Let Us Know You Have Dental Anxiety

First, if you suffer from dental anxiety, please let our team know when you schedule your reservation, whether it’s for a routine dental cleaning or for getting a dental filling, dental crown, dental implant, or other treatment.  

If you are embarrassed about the state of your mouth, don’t worry, we’ve seen it all and we’re seriously here to help! We won’t judge you, but since we care about you we will recommend ways to maintain your teeth and gums for a healthy, beautiful smile in addition to a custom treatment plan for your individual needs.

Let’s face it, we can support your at-home efforts but it really is largely up to you to commit to your health. So your efforts can make all the difference! 

What You Can Do To Ease Dental Anxiety

We encourage you to invite someone you trust to come with you to your visit, to help you feel calm.

During your treatment, you can also let us know you need us to pause for a moment. You are in control the whole time, Dr. Powell encourages patients to raise their left hand.

Some patients enjoy listening to new music, and we have noise-cancelling Bose headphones and iPods so you can tune out. We also have Netflix and movie glasses if you prefer! Some patients practice slow, deep breaths while others practice muscle relaxation. But many patients prefer the NuCalm anxiety reduction option.

The NuCalm® Difference to Managing Dental Anxiety & Stress

As we mentioned already, we genuinely care about you and we don’t want you to feel anxiety. Anxiety in general, if it goes on too long can harm your health:

  • Weaken your immune system
  • Cause stomach problems
  • Heart issues
  • Breathing problems
  • Depression
  • Weight gain

Conversely, relaxation techniques can help you:

  • Lessen stress
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Calm your heart rate
  • Reduce stress hormones
  • Lessen muscle tension
  • Improve your cognitive function
  • Boost your mood
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Lessen anger and frustration
  • Give you a confidence boost

NuCalm is making waves in treating dental anxiety. It’s a revolutionary relaxation technique that soothes your mind and body in only minutes.

NuCalm a clinical system designed by a neuroscientist. Dr. Blake Holloway created it to help treat people with post-traumatic stress disorder. A combination of biochemistry, physics, and neurophysiology, it quickly and reliably relaxes the brain and body functions, WITHOUT side effects!

This system is so affective that motivational speaker and coach Tony Robbins uses it before he gets up on stage in front of thousands of people.

How NuCalm® Works

Based on four parts that work together to take you into a deep state of calmness quickly, NuCalm creates a fully immersive experience. It causes the brain to take you from an alert beta brain wave function and lowers it to the calmer alpha/theta ranges, like those where you are beginning your sleep stage. 

#1. You place a topical cream or chew supplements that will counteract adrenaline that can arise from fear. This very quickly induces a natural relaxation response.

#2. Wearing micro-current stimulation patches behind your ear to create a relaxation response.

#3. Wear headphones to dampen noise and listen to calming music to induce brain wave patterns to the pre-sleep stages.

#4. Wear an eye mask that blocks light, avoids visual stimuli and keeps you in your relaxed state. 

NuCalm works fast, taking just around 3 minutes to begin and you will feel the relaxation effects from 3-5 minutes. Dr. James Powell loves offering this relaxation method because there are no side effects, no drugs used, no supervision or recovery needed like you would with sedation methods.

Financial Options

If you are anxious about the cost of dental care, we’re proud to offer a variety of financial options so that you can get the care you deserve. We can bill most PPO insurances, we accept credit cards, cash, and we even offer great financing options including CareCredit and LendingClub. We’ll do whatever we can to help you get the quality of care you deserve!

Remember that spotting & treating problems when they are small is also the least expensive​ and minimally invasive way to get the care you need. So please don’t skip those six-month dental cleanings and checkups!

Come See Us!

If learning about NuCalm is making you want to finally get the dental care your smile needs, we invite you to give us a call and schedule a visit! Please call Exceptional Dentistry at (661) 349-7725 in Palmdale, CA, or you can schedule a visit conveniently online.

You no longer need to put off important dental work! Dr. James Powell and our team are here to help you have the Spa-like dental experience you’ve been hoping for!

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