How to Get Your Healthiest Smile Using the Latest Dental Tools and Technology

How to Get Your Healthiest Smile Using the Latest Dental Tools and Technology

When it comes to achieving optimal oral health, it’s not really that complicated. Today, we are blessed to have some pretty amazing dental tools (for both at-home & in-office), as well as technology to make the job a piece of cake.

Oral health is sort of like a double-sided coin because there’s what you’re doing at home and then there’s what we do in the office. Without each other, there’s a good chance that your oral health would be severely compromised.

And that’s a pretty big deal when you remember that not only are your teeth and gums being affected, but also the total health of your body.

So let’s go over some of the pretty amazing things that are available to you, both, while you are at our office and when you’re at home!

The Latest Dental Tools & Technology In The Dental Office

Whether you’re coming in for restorative, cosmetic, or preventative treatments we’re probably going to be using some high-tech device. Dr. Powell has invested a lot in the technology that we use because it makes your visit so much more efficient and comfortable!

So what cool things do we have for you? Well, buckle up buck-a-roo.

Enjoy Our Comfort Menu

That’s right. We told you we’re serious about your comfort so when you come in to see us we give you a legit menu. There’s beverages, heated blankets, aromatherapy, NuCalm relaxation, Bose headphones, and even movie glasses. Which means that you can seriously relax when you come in for treatments and finish that Netflix series you’ve been binging.

Let Us Look for Cavities Without You Being Worried About Turning Radioactive Ergo Digital Images

Long gone are the days of old school x-rays (well, at least at our office), because we’re 100% digital.

Digital images use 98% less radiation than their established, traditional counterparts. And these images are super important when it comes to catching things early, before they turn into much bigger and costly issues.

We use three different types so that we can see between your teeth, make sure that your bone levels are where they need to be, and discover anything that may be concerning (like an abscess by a tooth root):

  1. Annual Check-Up Images: We typically take a total of 4 images but it helps us be able to see in places that our natural eyes cannot (c’mon we aren’t superman).
  2. The Panoramic, or panorex: produces a full-size image of your mouth, such as the upper and lower jaws, jaw joints, teeth, and sinuses. No more 18 images to see the whole picture. You just rest your chin on the tab, the machine goes around your head, and BAM we get a complete picture of all your teeth. Obviously, they help us see a lot more than the annual checkup images. And it’s important that you get this taken every 3 years.
  3. Galileos: Creates high-definition, 3D Image of your head and mouth, that can highlight the sinuses, gums, jaw joints, and even show us air way issues. We use this when you need things like dental implants as it aids in incredibly precise placement, as well as sleep apnea treatments, and if you’re wanting to avoid jaw surgery with FAGGA.

Nerd Out on Our Pain-Free Lasers

Dr. Powell uses various dental lasers in our office. Each can do pretty cool things. They can treat bone and gum disease while leaving healthy areas alone. Laser technology gives you precise, pain-free and quick treatment.

For example, let’s say that you have a small cavity. That cavity can be treated with the laser which means: no shots, no numbing, and no drill.

Laser dentistry can be used in a variety of ways such as gum contouring, canker sores, excess tissues, teeth whitening, and even help perform biopsies. Lasers also promote faster healing and rejuvenation, offer minimal bleeding, and sterilize the tissue worked on so you are less likely to develop an inflammation post-treatment.

Another type of laser that we use in our office is a soft tissue laser. These are excellent for periodontal disease; they eradicate harmful oral bacteria while not disturbing healthy tissue — which promotes healthy tissue regrowth.

Relax with Our Anesthesia Delivery System

No one likes getting numbed. We know, we know. Some people are just freaked out by the thought of needles and the discomfort that comes with them. But thanks to our high-tech anesthesia delivery system it’s going to be a lot more comfortable for you. It’s so much more pleasant that we just recently had a woman come in who had not been to the dentist in 10 years say, “You guys need to be advertising this! I’m scared to death and I didn’t feel a thing!”

Yea. It’s that good. Who would’ve thought that getting numb would ever be so easy and pain-free?

Reap the Benefits of Preventative Dentistry

When you come in for you maintenance or preventative visits with our hygienist we’re still going to use the latest dental technology, even though it might seem like a routine visit.

Our hygienist will clean your teeth & examine your mouth for signs of trouble using special tools to make the examination accurate & the cleaning superb. We use ultrasonic scalers, lasers, advanced fluoride treatments, probing and measuring (checking gum recession & pocket depths), tooth polishing paste, and those digital radiographs, for starters.

But we also use an intra-oral camera which puts a picture of your tooth up on the screen so you can see what we see. These special cameras have a bonus benefit though.

Early Cavity Detection

Thanks to a tiny, pen-like intra-oral camera called SOPROLIFE, that uses a special light to show where decay is starting! That means that we can we can halt a cavities progress and keep it from damaging the tooth.

The other thing that you should add into your yearly evaluation is the:

VELscope® Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is not something that you want to risk missing. Our VELscope® technology, is an innovative tool which uses blue light that helps us find any unusual changes in your mouth and throat. What’s important is that it shows us what may be invisible to the naked eye.  Remember, cancer is most easily and effectively treated in its early stages.

Feel Like You’re Part of a Star Wars Movie Without Having to Travel to a Galaxy Far Far Away

If you have any symptom that your bite may be off (worn teeth, pain, clicking/popping jaw, ear/eye pressure, difficulty opening/closing your mouth, weak chin, etc.) you’re going to love our diagnostic tools. We can figure out exactly what is going on with you and get you out of (or keep you from) experiencing pain — plus, you get to look pretty cool in the process.

The Ultimate Scan Dentist Palmdale CA | Exceptional Dentistry

Tools You Can Use At Home for Maximum Results 

As we mentioned before, we can’t do it without your help and participation. So, in between your dental visits there are things you can use at home to help you do a much better job. (Hey, FYI no shaming here. We personally use these things at home too.)

Curb Periodontal Disease with Perio Protect®

This treatment solves your gum disease issues. It is a medicinal way to get rid of harmful bacteria that’s deep in your gums. It is used with scaling and root planing or other manual periodontal treatment. You simply wear your customized Perio Trays® in your mouth so the infected areas (gingival crevices and periodontal pockets) get the medicine. Perio Protect® controls the plaque biofilm to keep them from building up in your mouth between your dental visits.

Feel Like a Teeth-Cleaning Pro with a Sonicare Toothbrush

Dr. Powell highly recommends the ADA-approved Phillips Sonic electric toothbrush for our patients seeking maximum results with their daily oral hygiene routine. It produces 62,000 movements to get rid of cavity-causing plaque that likes to chill in your mouth. A side benefit is that it is gentle on your gums, and we have seen the difference in dental health in our patients using a Sonicare toothbrush!

Enjoy a Mini Carwash for Your Teeth with a Hydro Floss® oral Irrigator 

This water flossing tool which uses magnetics means ditching your dental floss string or tape in favor of this efficient, easy to use device. Think of it like going to a car wash instead of scrubbing down your car in your driveway. Use Hydro Floss® before you brush to clean below the gum line and between your pearly whites to get rid of cavity-causing bacteria. Research has shown that this tool is 44% more effective than water flossers without magnetics. It produces a stream of 1,200 pulses per minute at a maximum pressure of 60 psi, making it safe to use on the gum tissue. 

Decrease Tooth Pain & Sensitivity with Fluoridex toothpaste


This professional-grade toothpaste is an advanced and highly effective medicated toothpaste. Fluoridex strengthens tooth enamel to fight off cavities, especially for our patients who might not be getting enough fluoride in tap water, or who are particularly cavity-prone or experience a lot of tooth sensitivity.

To Sum it All Up

We stay up-to-date on the latest dental technologies and techniques via training and education so we can make sure you receive the most effective & efficient treatment, while you stay comfortable and relaxed in the process.

Our highly skilled dentist, Dr. James Powell, takes a consistently proactive approach to improve the quality of your oral and general health. By detecting, diagnosing and treating dental problems quickly and early we can save you a bigger hassle and damage to your smile down the road. You receive the prompt, personalized treatment you need so you can go about the rest of your busy life.

As you know, we need you! Your part at home is just as important as what we do when you come to see us.

Our exceptional dentistry team’s goal is to provide you with the highest quality dental care and we take our role in your oral health seriously. Practice proactivity and call (661) 349-7725 to schedule a visit at our dental office in Palmdale, CA or you can schedule your visit online today.  We look forward to teaming up with you for your healthiest smile!

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