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Dental Hygienist

Who We’re Looking For

We’re looking for an A-PLAYER to join our team for the position of Hygienist! This individual must be a team player, who can follow instructions, is a fast-learner, and a driven individual.

This position comes with a nice base-pay and, the best part, incentives! (That’s right, there’s an opportunity for you to earn more money based on the results of your efforts.)​

This opportunity is for an assisted hygiene schedule, 60 min reservations, no HMO’s, and a relationship-oriented individual.

A strong fit for this position will have a great attitude, is up for a challenge, and has a willingness to work as part of a team.

Skills Needed

  • RDH, DDS, or DMD license required.
  • Laser certification would be a bonus.
  • Experience using computers, Microsoft word, & excel — We’re paperless so you need to be able to hang.
  • Teamwork is a must. There’s no task beneath you when it comes to helping another team mate.
  • Eaglesoft knowledge is preferred — No, that has nothing to do with birds.
  • 2-5 years in the dental field is preferred.
  • Gets upset when excuses are given.
  • Is masterful with organization — If you’re messy & unorganized, you won’t be happy here.
  • Loves detail! — This includes making great notes, keeping track of critical metrics, & paying attention.
  • Has the ability to comprehend & follow a system. — Maybe even create them from time to time.
  • Understands the power of accountability.
  • Gets stuff done!
  • Has a knack at effectively & kindly communicating with people.
  • Is unwaveringly dependable — We’re a small but mighty team, so we’re only interested in people we can count on.
  • Has a personal mission to constantly over-deliver — That’s right. A-Players only.
  • Has a heart of gratitude & desires to be a part of something greater than themselves.
  • Is passionate about service.
  • Willing to lift boxes, clean floors, and hold doors if that’s what it takes to get something done.
  • Craves knowledge — We’re big on learning. We do it on the daily.
  • Must be interested in challenges & personal development.
  • Must be coach-able.
  • Works hard but also likes to have FUN while getting stuff done!
  • Be prepared to bring your personality with you all day, every day.

Who Doesn’t Belong Here

We’re going to be honest. Our office is like our home and our team is like our family. We don’t want people to join our family who aren’t going to be happy in our home. 

So the truth is:

  1. Positive People ONLY. If your favorite words are “I can’t” or you love to gossip and complain, you won’t be happy here.
  2. Patient Centric FOCUS. That’s right. We’re here to serve. We put our patient’s needs above ours. That means early, late, & weekends. We’re constantly changing because we go above and beyond.
  3. Ethical. Gotta have integrity, honesty, & trust-worthiness. Remember, this is our home. This is where we interact with our families and friends. If we can’t trust you with the keys, then you don’t belong.
  4. YES Man (or Woman). We want to find a way to make it happen! Whatever it is. And it starts with the right attitude.
  5. Makes Decisions for The Greater Good of The Company. The self-serving individual won’t last.
  6. Solution-Finder. We rely on the team to not only identify problems, but to find solutions to them. So no whiners & complainers!
  7. Results Focused. We set goals, we track numbers, we train, we teach, we meet, we repeat. If you’re looking for a disengaged job where you collect a pay-check it will feel like your pants are on fire here. Go-getters only.
  8. Everyone is in Sales. If you don’t feel comfortable passionately advocating for what patients need, your innovative ideas, or on behalf of the business, then that’s fine. But don’t apply here.
  9. FUN! Drab and non-energetic individuals who don’t like participating in games, social events, & team activities do yourself a favor and stay away from us.

Now, you might be thinking, “Hey, wait a second. Are you trying to drive people away?” Yes, yes we are (but we like that you picked up on that). We hope that tells you something about how serious and committed we are to hiring an individual who is going to fit in with our team and office culture. We want you to be happy at work! We want you to be excited to get out of bed in the morning, and show up to put in the work. And if it’s not the right-fit you won’t be happy or productive.

We’re real people doing our best to make a positive impact on the lives of others. We’re not perfect but we are passionate about progress

So, if this sounds like something you’d love to be a part of and you have the qualifications for the position, then please begin the application. Because we’d love to have you! 

P.S. DO NOT call or email the main office to apply. No applications will be accepted or processed through the office. You must click the “begin application” button below in order to apply!

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