The Dentist Near Me

The Dentist Near Me

From a young age, Dr. Powell knew that he wanted to be a dentist. He went to a dentist who made him feel proud to be cavity-free and excited to return. There was never any pain and thought it would be great to work with smiling people all day.

Of course as an adult he realized dentistry was a much more complex science, which was even more interesting for him, but he still clung to the dream of making a positive impact in the lives of others.

And because of that dream we do a lot of things differently at our office.

Today we want to share a fun fictional story with you that’s based on the reviews of our patients about their experiences at Exceptional Dentistry.

The Dentist Near Me

One hot day in Palmdale, C.A. a man named Frankie made his way, rushing from work, it was time for lunch. He’d grab a quick bite then back to the work crunch.

Eating a delicious sandwich at his favorite booth, Frankie felt a twang of pain in his jaw and tooth. He wondered aloud, “What could this be?” He reached in and thought, “Owiee!!”

With the holidays fast approaching and the best foods on display, Frankie knew he must make a dental appointment, to his dismay.

You see, Frankie was afraid of the dentist ever since the young age of three, and a dental office was the last place he wanted to be.

Rubbing his jaw as the stubborn toothache persisted, he scoured the internet to see what was listed.

Exceptional Dentistry popped up on his screen, he read through the content and became more keen. With a simple click to CONTACT and SCHEDULE YOUR VISIT, he found the site was clean-looking, simple to use and even explicit.

With a set reservation to see a nice dental team, still he drove to the office without being too keen.

Pulling into the driveway and into the lot, he noticed a sign saying, “Frankie’s Parking Spot”.

“Interesting” he thought to himself. He’d never had VIP parking before, so he took a deep breath and headed towards the door.

Frankie entered the office with some anxiousness and a nervous grin. But the atmosphere inside was welcoming him in.

A smiling gal stood ready with her hand outstretched, “You must be Frankie, we’ve never met.”

Greeted by a welcoming scene that felt like home, accompanied by a warm hello, Frankie thought to himself, “Wow, I’m glad I wasn’t a no-show!”

The smiling gal continued, “Since you’ve never been here before, I’d like to start you out with a tour.”

With the smell of fresh cocoa, kind smiles and more, Frankie knew this wasn’t your regular dentist on a brochure.

Certificates and awards lined the hallway, this office was high-tech even down to the 3D X-ray. They prepped and pampered to help him feel at ease, offering a paraffin hand treatment with a “please”.

Then settled in his chair with a blanket and pillow, Frankie met Dr. Powell who was a great fellow.

Cracking jokes with Frankie here and there, Dr. Powell took the greatest of care. With attention to detail and showing him the results, Frankie knew he was being taken care of by professional adults.

Learning he needed a dental crown and showing great concern, Exceptional Dentistry took action and their 5 gold stars they did earn. They instantly assured him he would be taken care of right then and there, proceeding to explain the entire treatment when, what, why, and where.

They used non-invasive technology to get the crown done in one day, and all of a sudden, Frankie was no longer afraid.

With his tooth as good as new, the friendly team gave him home instructions on what to do. Up to the front, he happily paid his bill, he’d made it through the whole visit without any pills!

Taking a snack for the road and with his next reservation set, he thought to himself that was the best dental team he’d ever met.

Who would’ve known that a google search of a “dentist near me” would bring the the best dental experience that Frankie would ever see.

Ready To Overcome Your Dental Fear

If you’re ready to have the Exceptional Dentistry experience that instills well-being, personalized care and fulfills unexpressed desires then give us a call to take care of you! Call (661) 349-7725  or you can schedule a reservation online.

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