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CEREC® Single-Visit Dental Restorations


We proudly use CEREC® technology at our dental office in Palmdale CA to give you long-lasting, strong, and beautiful restorations in just a single dental visit.  CEREC restorations are custom-made to fit your smile, so that way you can eat just as you used to. We use the best quality materials so that you can relax knowing your dental restoration is strong, and very long-lasting. Contact us at (661) 349-7725 to schedule your visit.

CEREC Single Visit Crowns Palmdale CA | Exceptional Dentistry
Single Visit Crowns Dentist Palmdale CA | Exceptional Dentistry

What Is CEREC®?

CEREC same-day restoration technology relies on CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing) technology to design and create your custom restoration.

CEREC can be used for many types of dental restorations like crowns, inlays, onlays, and dental veneers (in some cases).

There’s many benefits to having a CEREC dental restoration such as:

  • Single-Visit — no waiting two weeks for a lab to make your tooth.
  • Strong & Long-lasting — porcelain is incredibly strong & durable. We also offer EMAX porcelain which is extra strong. The porcelain to tooth enable is the strongest bond you can have, and this keep bad bacteria out.
  • Looks Like a Natural Tooth — We’ll match the restoration to your natural teeth color, so it will blend right in!
  • Custom Fit — We use your natural tooth and bite as a guide. This way your bite will feel just as good as it did before, and you’ll be able to easily enjoy food.
  • Comfortable — There’s no gunky impressions necessary. Not to mention you can sit back and enjoy items from our comfort menu (like movie glasses).

How Does CEREC Work?

After examining your damaged tooth and removing any decayed or weakened tooth tissue, our dentist will use CAD/CAM technology to:

  • Capture a digital picture of your tooth
  • Convert the picture into a computerized, 3D model
  • Design your restoration based on your bite for a custom fit

Your restoration will then be milled immediately from a block of tooth-colored porcelain to match your natural teeth. After the restoration is milled, then our dentist will ensure a proper fit for your bite, and permanently bond it to your tooth.

In just a single-visit your tooth can be restored! 

Single Visit Crowns | Palmdale Dentist | Exceptional Dentistry

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