Behind the Scenes of An Epic Room Makeover

Behind the Scenes of An Epic Room Makeover

If you’ve been coming to our office for awhile, then you already know that we’ve been making some decor changes around here. Granted, it has been a slow-work-in-progress that actually started during last summer (well, last year’s summer that is).

It was during one of our customer service team meetings, that we decided it was time for an office makeover!

The brown-beige walls and dated decor, wasn’t our style anymore, and it definitely didn’t generate the bright and welcoming feeling we wanted for our patients.

Our goal was to have our office feel like your home away from home. We have a dream of you coming in, getting comfy, and kicking back to relax. And so it began!

Let’s refresh your memory with some before pictures of how the reception area was.

dental reception area before

dental office old beverage bar
dated office


Demolition Day – Part 1

You’re probably a lot like us and don’t mind getting in there and getting your hands dirty. Plus, we were on a really tight budget and updates can add up quickly. A penny saved is a penny earned (and we’ve been eye-balling those dental massage chairs! Ok, we digress, but we sure do love to dream.)

The first thing that needed to be done was the removal of that pony wall. The previous office tenant had put it in. We think it was intended as a kids area, but the room was already small to begin with so that wall just made it feel even tighter.

Dr. Powell and his wife, Peggy, aren’t afraid of a little DIY, and they took out the wall in the matter of a weekend. Just by simply taking that wall out, the room felt much more open and welcoming.

They also set up the new sleek side board for the beverage bar!

Pony Wall Removed
Remove a pony wall
demo day

Wall gone
With wall removed

Demolition Day – Part 2

Since we were doing this revamp on a weekend-by-weekend basis we had to split the demolition into two weekends.

The carpet was obviously the next thing that we wanted to address. Particularly because there was now a nice hole in it from where the wall used to be. (Yes, that’s why there was a weird door mat in the middle of the room for a little while.)

So we bargained shopped and found some beautiful light gray laminate flooring on clearance over at a local flooring company (they are super great over there at Metro Floors FYI, and they did a lovely job).

Once again, Dr. Powell and Peggy were back at it! They removed the carpet and the glue so that the floors were prepped for installation. The fellas over at Metro finished up the job, and things were already coming together.

Room makeover
Room makeover

Gray laminate floors dental office
New flooring

Painting the Reception Area

The next thing to do was paint! If you’ve ever done any painting then you know how challenging it can be just to find the perfect paint color—boy, oh boy. You understand the dilemma of not wanting to end up with anything too dark or with too much of the wrong undertone. It felt like a hundred paint samples were looked at, but eventually the decision was made. And we think Peggy nailed the serenity and calm that we were going for.

She chose a light gray (called Filtered Shade by Valspar), but first had to Kilz (aka white-out) all the walls in order to ensure that the beige didn’t affect our new gray color. After a full weekend of painting, the walls were finally done.

choosing the right dental office paint
Painting a dental office

New paint at dental office

Reception Room Makeover

The final part of the reception makeover, was of course, updating the decor! Peggy and Dr. Powell’s daughter, Kendra, carefully planned out the esthetic.

They decided that modern finishes, with touches of natural accents would give the pristine but homey feeling we were after. And so the decor hunting began!

“We really wanted to make this room feel like a living room. The pieces we chose are things that you’d see in people’s homes, and not necessarily in an office. We took our time finding comfortable furniture, and made sure this room felt really inviting. Plus, my mom and I are really big bargain hunters and it takes time shopping sales for quality pieces. But you better believe this was a thrifty makeover. I’ve got big plans for the treatment suites, and every penny counts!”

In case you’re loving these staples, here’s where they bought them:

  • Gray couch from Ashley Furniture (on sale)
  • Light Gray wingback chairs from Target (also on sale!)
  • Large jute rug from Overstock
  • Glass coffee table from Overstock
  • Round wooden and metal framed side table from TJ MAXX
  • Rectangle wooden and metal framed side table from ROSS
  • Faux Fur decor pillows from Walmart
  • Essential oil diffusor from Amazon

We also swapped out the old vertical blinds for new modern shades. The “new” smile picture above the couch is a real statement piece. It was hand painted over the old orange floral one.

Exceptional Dentistry in Palmdale California

Exceptional Dentistry Palmdale California
Exceptional Dentistry - Kick Back and Relax
Exceptional Dentistry Relaxing Dental Environment

Even though this makeover took quite a bit of time, it was definitely worth the wait. We’re so in love with this space, and we hope you’ve had your chance to come in & get comfy!

If you’d love to see more after pictures check out our office tour.

What’s your favorite part of the room? We’d love to hear from you!

P.S. Stay tuned to see our other office updates. Keep on smiling.

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