a simple way to boost your self-esteem

A Simple Way to Boost Your Self-Esteem

We probably all know by now how beneficial a boost in your self-esteem can be. You gain the confidence it takes to finally land that dream job, you stop comparing yourself so much to others, you finally sign up for that Zumba class, and hey, maybe you even get excited about being in pictures. Really, the possibilities are endless. So, we thought that you might want to learn about a simple way to boost your self-esteem.

Let’s face it, it’s hard to feel like your best when your smile isn’t at its best. Your smile (or lack thereof) really affects how you perceive yourself and how you think others perceive you. Surprisingly, something as simple as teeth whitening can make you feel and look great! It’s said that people who smile often come across as friendlier and easier to get along with — so, whiter teeth are sure to make you more outgoing and engaging. And of course, there’s that extra bonus of looking younger since discolored teeth are associated with old age.

You’ve probably heard of teeth whitening before. Maybe you’ve even tried all of those unsuccessful social media “teeth whitening hacks” and the creepy whitening booths at the mall. But maybe you don’t know that there’s a few different professional teeth whitening options which will give you much better results.

You can finally overcome the things that have been holding you back! Like not having much free time to take care of yourself, tooth sensitivity, and poor results. Here’s some great options which conquer your top concerns:

1. White teeth in about an hour.

Life’s busy, and we know it’s hard to find time for a reservation lasting longer than an hour. As the name implies, ZOOM professional whitening is meant to be quick and effective, it’ll have you in and out as quickly as possible. You’ll see your teeth become whiter in just one 60-minute visit — and up to eight shades whiter. That’s a pretty good use of 60 minutes, right?

2. Whitening for sensitive teeth.

If you’ve been wanting whiter teeth but you dread sensitivity, then you might be the perfect candidate for Laser Teeth Whitening. Every step in this treatment is geared towards decreasing tooth sensitivity. You will pre-treat your teeth from home before you even come in for your Laser Whitening reservation — which dramatically decreases sensitivity. Once you come in, the laser is used on each tooth individually keeping that dreadful sensitivity at bay. The visit is relatively quick (a little over an hour), and can make your teeth up to six shades lighter without sensitivity.

3. KÖR Whitening for the best results.

What’s one of the biggest problems with whitening treatments? If you guessed the fact that they don’t always get your teeth as white as you were hoping, then you’re right.

That’s why KÖR whitening is so impressive. After the initial treatment by Dr. James D. Powell, your teeth can be 16 shades whiter – it even works on tetracycline stains (aka really dark permanent stains). The KÖR whitening treatments are customized specifically for you to get you good results, and is set up to help minimize sensitivity.

The catch is you will need a few visits, but that’s a pretty small price to pay for a whitening solution that really whitens your teeth, right?

Here at Exceptional Dentistry we understand what a difference a white smile makes in people’s lives, and we want to help you have a smile that you can’t stop showing off to everyone. Our friendly team will help you find a way to fit your budget, your schedule, and your lifestyle so that you can take advantage of this simple way to give your self-esteem a boost and start feeling great again.

Give us a call today at 661.349.7725 to schedule your whitening reservation or complimentary consultation, and see the difference that so many of our patients have with our professional whitening options.

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