a little known way to fix chipped teeth

Dental Bonding: A Little-Known Way To Fix Unsightly, Chipped Teeth

Let me tell you a story… One winter day when I was a kid, I was over at a friend’s house and his father asked us to get all the leaves out of their pool and scrub the green from the sides. Of course, it became about who got to do what. Getting the leaves out was a much easier job, so naturally the battle began. I had the long-handled net in my hands and frantically scrambled to get to the other side of the pool with it before it was taken from me. However, since the net handle was so long it slipped in-between the fence while I was running, and completely stopped while I kept running at full speed. You’ve probably already guessed this ended badly — my two front teeth got chipped!

Who likes breaking or chipping a tooth? No one! It can be painful and even ruin your smile, especially when it’s in one of the front teeth visible every time you open your mouth to speak or smile.

Luckily, our dentist, Dr. James D. Powell here at Exceptional Dentistry in Palmdale, California, has a way to help you immediately fix a chipped tooth. Your smile can be restored in just one single, quick visit, and before you know it, you’ll be back to living your life with no one even noticing what happened!

Does that sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not, really! Let me share with you a little-known way to fix chipped teeth that otherwise can mar your smile.

Dental bonding

The process Dr. James D. Powell uses to fix a chipped or broken tooth is called dental bonding. It’s also a fairly simple treatment. Essentially, you’ll come into our office and after a quick assessment, Dr. James D. Powell will prepare a resin that will be used to recreate the missing part of your damaged tooth.

The benefits are obvious, the bonding isn’t

It’s one of the least expensive and most popular options for everyone who deals with any kind of chips in their teeth, and it’s great for people on-the-go who can’t have a bad smile for longer than absolutely necessary. In fact, dental bonding helps you achieve the same results that porcelain veneers do but at a fraction of the price. For those who can’t do dental veneers, dental bonding offers a permanent solution to chipped and cracked teeth that are messing up your smile. The bonding process even fortifies and strengthens the chipped tooth back to its former structure. Dental bonding is ideal for fixing dental problems like crooked, misshapen, or awkwardly spaced teeth. Not only is dental bonding cost-effective but it offers a fast and permanent fix to cosmetic dental issues plaguing your smile!

Best of all, dental bonding has good longevity, and rarely requires any sort of touch-up.

In my case, the dental bonding that I had done on my front teeth has lasted me over ten years! I even went back to Dr. James D. Powell and had some additional bonding added to another tooth for symmetry (one of my teeth was really skinny compared to the tooth on the other side). No one has ever noticed that the dental bonding is there, but they do notice my great chip-less smile!

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If you’re interested in how dental bonding can change your smile for the better, we invite you to call us today at 661.349.7725 for an online reservation with our exceptional dentist. With the help of dental bonding, you can get the smile you will be proud to flash wherever you go! So why wait? Call us today, and give yourself the flawless smile you deserve!

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